Craftsman / Technical assistant

You are a curious and great technic worker who loves creating amazing objects, if so: a job at 3D next Level is the way to go! What exactly is that you will be doing? That is hard to say. After all, no two days are the same! We are looking specifically for someone who wants to invest in 3D Next Level and in themselves by getting involved with everything in the company. You are immediately thrown into the deep end, but there is also room for your own initiative, questions and attention for your development. You approach projects with a lot of energy, curiosity and enthusiasm. You think out-of-the-box and you are flexible enough to deal with the fact that this company is still developing. Do you have strong technical insight, are you an adaptive person and do you want to develop broad knowledge in the technical field? For example, are you a starting carpenter, polyester fabricator, spatial designer, set builder, model builder, metal worker, car painter, restorer, interior builder, stand builder? And do you like traditional craftsmanship? Then this workplace is really something for you!

We would like to put your development first and look at your (specific) talents. You will work on various technical projects. You will participate from A to Z on current projects: from attaching a large 3D print to a Jeep, to making a monkey-shaped chewing gum machine for an exhibition and even more diverse assignments, nothing is too crazy with us…

• Spray, sand, mask and finish 3D prints in our spray booth;
• Clearing out, cleaning and operating 3D printers;
• Reinforce 3D prints, glue and make technical connections;
• Making molds from 3D prints, rotocasting;
• Casting with epoxy and polyurethane;
• Various other technical jobs in the workshop.

✓ You have a lot of experience with craftmanship;
✓ You like to use your hands and work hard on several projects. Also, you don’t mind the work of sanding and spraying. You like to strengthen and glue our 3D prints, but also to pour epoxy, make molds, weld, finish and spray;
✓ You may have an affinity with 3D printing. You love making things with unique designs. You would like to operate the 3D printers in combination with building and applying other (technical) machines, equipment and other systems that contribute to a technical solution;
✓ You are eager to learn and want to learn and master new technical skills and you can identify yourself with our motto “I’ve never done it before, but I think I can do it”;
✓ You work with discipline and integrity;
✓ You are a team player, but also manage to work individually;
✓ You speak the Dutch and/or English language;
✓ You are a resident in Holland.

✓ Market-based salary, depending on your experience, level and knowledge;
✓ Creative and challenging assignments;
✓ Flexible hours;
✓ 25 days off per year;
✓ Small-scale company that is open to your specific talents. You will join a team of young, ambitious people with the same passion for technology;
✓ In your free hours you can work freely in the workshop for your own hobby projects;
✓ Working with the latest techniques currently on the market. You work with the largest 3D-printers of the moment and work with various other modern, new 3D printers and 3D-printing techniques. You learn a lot in our company from the market and gain a lot of technical knowledge.

3D Next Level goes a step further where other 3D printing companies stop. We offer 3D-projects from A to Z, i.e., 3D printing is only a small part of the entire process. We finish objects, process steel constructions, use various special coatings, smoke machines, LED, etc. We always think one step ahead. Our motto is: the more creative, the better. This results in projects with video mapping, fire, smoke, and programming. We work for: Wellknown and (and less well-known) artists and exhibitions, advertising campaigns and technical companies. 3D Next Level started 3 years ago and is a growing company. We have already built up a nice clientele and have done projects for Nike, Spa, Blokker, F1 Zandvoort, Brute Jeeps, Sprite, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, et cetera. We currently employ nine people in Maasland.

Video impression:

We are young ambitious Next Levelers with a heart for technology and creativity. We go the extra mile in everything; for each other and for our customers. We call that excellence. A positive atmosphere and a group feeling is essential in our team. We work hard and have a ‘9 till it’s done’-mentality. We are honest with our customers and work hard on long-term relationships. No invention, sketch or idea is too crazy for us, you will probably find that in
our portfolio! Swearing and complaining is a “no go” for us, because with a cheerful outlook we will rise to the top as a team to become the number one player in the Netherlands in the field of 3D technology.

Are you interested in this position? Contact Eline van den Doel at 3D Next Level. Send your motivation, work experience (CV) and possibly several photos of previous work you did (portfolio) to